Moving Home

Before moving out you must provide us with a minimum of four weeks' notice, ending on a Sunday; this is stated in your tenancy agreement. You must also inform us of your forwarding address. 

You can give notice by simply filling in the form at the back of the booklet which you can download at the bottom of this page. It must be completed by the tenant, on behald of the tenant by the next of kin or personal representative. If you need assistance, please contact your Housing Officer.

Newydd will arrange an inspection of the property before the end of your tenancy. We will assess the condition of the property along with any outstanding repairs that may be rechargeable. One of our surveyors will provide you with advice on what you may be required to do before leaving. 

Get £150 if you leave your home in excellent condition when you move out! Contact us for more information.

For further details regarding the moving process and for the Tenancy Termination Form, please download our Moving Home booklet below.

Click here to download our Moving Home booklet.