Since 2016, it has been legislation for fire sprinklers to be installed to all new and converted domestic or residential houses and flats in Wales.

To ensure your sprinklers are fully operational, an inspection will be carried out annually. Access will be required into your property and so it is important that you are in at the agreed appointment time and date. Our contractor will try their best to accommodate a particular date and time on request. A sprinkler service can take anything between 15-45 minutes.

Here are some simple rules to help us keep you safe:

  1. Do not decorate over the circular white sprinkler covers on the ceiling, as this could affect their operation
  2. Do not obstruct the sprinklers as anything placed in front could prevent the spray reaching the seat of the fire
  3. When decorating, please be mindful to avoid using a steamer too close to a sprinkler, for example, removing wallpaper. Sprinklers will activate at high temperatures - 68°C to be exact. Smoke will not activate your sprinklers.

To read more about fire safety, please read this leaflet from the UK Government. 

If you live in a block of flats and would like a copy of our fire management safety plan for your building's communal areas, please contact us on 0303 040 1998.