Radon is a colourless, odourless radioactive gas that occurs naturally in soil and rocks. In the environment, radon poses little to no risk, but the build-up of radon in an enclosed building can affect people’s health.

Since radon is invisible, has no odour, and has no taste, testing is therefore the only way to identify radon. Under our duty of care to you, we will conduct a radon gas survey in every Newydd property, prioritising locations using UK’s radon map issued by the Health Security Agency.

The survey itself is simplistic and won’t affect you. We will place one or more radon monitor/s in a suitable location which will collect data. The device will need to remain in place for 3 months. Please do not move, cover, or tamper with the device, we want to collate accurate readings after 3 months when the monitor is collected and sent off for analysis.

We will advise you of the action we will take, if there is any, once results are confirmed.