Maintenance tips

If you have a small problem in your home, such as a radiator that needs bleeding or a blocked toilet; you'll probably be able to fix it quickly yourself. 

Check out our series of quick maintenance tips to keep your home running smoothly and to help prevent bigger problems later on. 

Quick maintenance tip #1 - Condensation

Condensation can leave your home feeling damp and unpleasant. More seriously, however, is the mould that can form if left unchecked. Many things can cause condensation on you walls and windows, such as drying your laundry, boiling water, having a shower and even sweating at night. Here are some ways to avoid condensation.

Quick maintenance tip #2 - Pipes

Burst, leaking or frozen pipe can result in severe property damage. Knowing what to do in the even of one of these could save you a lot of grief. 

Quick maintenance tip #3 - Bleeding a radiator

If your radiators are warming up unevenly, or if they aren't producing much heat; a common problem is a build up of air. If this is the case, simply bleeding your radiator will get it working again. Here's how to bleed a radiator. 

Quick maintenance tip #4 - Spotting a faulty appliance

Is the power tripping constantly? It could be one of your appliances. There's an easy way to determine which of your appliances is causing the trip, watch the video below to learn how.

Quick maintenance tip #5 - Blocked waste pipe

If your bath, sink or toilet isn't draining, it's very likely there's a blockage. It's normally very easy to clear; here's how to do it.

Quick maintenance tip #6 - Changing a light bulb

Don't be left in the dark when a bulb goes. It's a simple process to replace a broken bulb, here's a step by step guide to bringing some light back into your home. 

Quick maintenance tip #7 - Unblocking a toilet

It's good to know how to unblock a toilet; as an overfilled bowl can easily overflow and cause water damage. Grab your plunger and click play to get started.

Now that you're armed with the knowledge of DIY maintenance, remember that safety still comes first. You can report larger or more serious repairs to our maintenance team using My Newydd or get in touch using our live chat service.