Help us keep your home safe

It is essential that you allow Newydd staff access to your home to provide important servicing works and testing on gas and electrical unit. 

Notification of work
You will be notified of the works beforehand in writing. Then, a contractor will arrange an appointment with you, which will also be confirmed in writing.

Dangers of denying access
An electrical fault, or a problem with the gas, can have severe consequences. Fires can be fatal, and in terraced houses or flats, a fire in one property can affect another.

We have a legal obligation to keep your homes safe. if you have refused access to your home three times, we must regrettably issue a notice of seeking possession. This is a last resort for us, but this means you could end up losing your home. Please make sure that your actions do not lead to this. 

If you need to reschedule
We understand that things can chance unexpectedly. If you won't be home to allow access on a particular date, please get in touch with us to let us know. 

Getting in touch
There are several ways to get hold of us: 

My Messages on My Newydd (register at
Live Chat (click the 'Chat' button in the bottom right corner)
Telephone: 0303 040 1998

We thank you in advance for you cooperation.