Newydd understands that keeping pets offers significant benefits to their owners. However, irresponsible ownership can also cause nuisance to others living nearby and so it is necessary to have some rules to ensure that neighbours aren't adversely affected.

Tenants must obtain permission from Newydd to keep any pet and requests to keep pets will be dealt with individually. Permission will not be withheld unreasonably but conditions may be imposed.

A decision will be made based on the type of pet you want, the size and suitability of your home and if you already have pets at the property. Exceptions are made for guide and service dogs. Newydd can take away permission at any time should your pet cause a problem to others.

Tenants must consider the overall cost of keeping a pet and permission will not be granted where the animal has not been microchipped or registered with a vet.

Pets causing a nuisance

If your pet causes a nuisance to others we will let you know and offer advice to help you solve the problem. If the nuisance continues and you are either unwilling or unable to solve the problem, we will consider withdrawing permission for you to keep a pet and we may have to take legal action against you.

For more information regarding pet ownership in your property, including legal responsibilities, Guide or Assistance dogs, independent living schemes, cleaning up after your pet, noise, damage, other kinds of pets (such as fish and birds) and what to do if pet passes away, you can download our full policy on keeping pets below: 

Pet Policy and Pet Application Form