Gas and electricity supply

In most instances our properties have both a gas and electricity supply. We also have some properties where only an electricity supply is available.

Before you move into your new home, please be aware that the gas and electric supplier will not have switched off or disconnected your supply. However, you will need to arrange for the details to be changed to your name. We'll give you the name of the supplier and their contact details in order for you to do this. You'll also need to provide the readings from the meters.

There are two types of meters – quarterly meters and prepayment meters:

  1. If your new house has a quarterly meter, you need to supply the meter reading and your name and explain how you wish to be charged for the gas supply. There are a number of ways to pay, either by a quarterly bill or a payment plan that can be weekly or monthly. The gas supplier will accept a direct debit for these payments or send you a payment card, there are other means of payment that you can discuss with the supplier
  2. If your home has prepayment meter, you need to supply the readings from the meter – there can be as many as 8 readings on an electricity meter and usually 3 for a gas meter. The supplier will send you either a card or key in order for you to purchase gas or electric.

You may have a mixture of prepayment or quarterly meters, if you wish you can ask for a meter to be changed but the energy companies have started to charge for this service, you will need to ask whether it is possible to change your meter and what the charge would be.

It is important that you give all the information the supplier requires in order to protect yourself from being liable for any charges for the previous tenant.

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Water supply

If you have recently moved in, you will need to notify Welsh Water or Hafren Dyfrdwy that you have moved in. You do have a right to have a water meter installed but you must inform us at Newydd. Please note that a water meter may not always prove to be cost effective and it cannot be removed once it is installed.

Central heating

We aim to service our boilers whilst the property is empty and a Landlords Safety Certificate will be given to you to show that this has been done. The boiler is then serviced every year.

If you have prepayment meter(s) we cannot carry out the boiler service until you have credit on the gas and electricity meters. In these instances for safety reasons we have to ‘cap’ your boiler and/or supply until you have purchased and registered credit on your meters. Once you have done this you will need to let us know, we will be aware that your boiler will need servicing. Remember there must be credit on both the gas and electricity meters before you call.

Servicing your gas boiler

We legally have to carry out an annual service of your gas boiler. It is essential that you allow Newydd staff to access your home to provide important servicing works and testing. We understand that things can change unexpectedly, so if you need to reschedule or check when your service is due, please contact us.

If you do not allow us to service your gas boiler it could put you, your family and your neighbours' lives at risk. Failure to comply will result in Newydd making an application to the Court for an injunction to gain entry to your home to carry out necessary works. In the event of an application to court being made, you will be responsible for all court costs.