We understand that keeping pets offers significant benefits to their owners. However, irresponsible ownership can also cause nuisance to others living nearby, so it's necessary to have some rules to ensure that neighbours aren't adversely affected.

Tenants must obtain permission from Newydd to keep any pets. Permission will not be withheld unreasonably but conditions may be imposed. Use My Newydd or email to get in touch.

A decision will be made based on the type of pet you want, the size and suitability of your home and if you already have pets at the property. Exceptions are made for guide and service dogs. Newydd can take away permission at any time should your pet cause a problem to others.

Please consider the overall cost of keeping a pet. Permission will not be granted where the animal has not been microchipped (legal requirement) or registered with a vet. Remember, the initial one off costs of purchasing a dog, excluding the price of the dog itself, can be around £1,000. 

For food, essentials, toys, bedding, insurance, vet bills, vaccinations, neutering, teeth cleaning, microchipping, and kennels, the annual cost of keeping a dog exceeds £1,100. Medical treatment can vary from £500 to £5,000 and when the inevitable happens, the cost of cremating your dog can be upwards of £200.