You may want to decorate some of the rooms in your new home. To help you do this we are able to provide free decoration packs to new tenants whose homes are deemed in need of redecorating. This includes a number of things including paint, filler and abrasive paper, roller tray, brushes and dustsheet. Where a home has been fully redecorated or the décor is neutral and well applied, paint packs are not issued. For more information about decorating or whether you are eligible for this pack please contact your Housing Officer.

Top tips for decorating

  • Be prepared. It’s worthwhile spending some time collecting all the materials that you’ll need. Having all your tools at hand will help simplify your painting project and save you time.
  • Eliminate drips. Worried about paint dripping from the brush? Dip the bottom half of your brush into the paint to load it up, and then tap firmly against the side of the tin to get rid of any excess paint.
  • Paint by letters. If you’re painting a large space with a roller, begin by painting a ‘W’ on the wall and then fill it in with an ‘M’ without lifting the roller. This will ensure you get an even coverage.
  • Leave windows for later. Don’t fret if you get a splash of paint on your windows. Just wait until it’s dry and remove with a paint scraper
  • Keep brushes fresh. Keep your brushes and rollers in a bucket covered with a damp cloth when not in use to ensure that they won’t dry out.
  • Clean as you go. Keep a clean, damp cloth close by and wipe up paint splatters as they happen. Dry the area with paper towel to remove any excess paint film. Tidying as you go will help reduce the clean-up job at the end.