• Dial 999. Get everyone out and do not go back for any reason
• Close all doors and windows
• Warn your neighbours if any of them might be in danger

If you smell gas
• Open the doors and windows to get rid of the gas
• Check to see if the gas has been left on unlit, or a pilot has gone out. If so turn the appliance off, and do not try to relight it until all smell of gas has been cleared from the property
• If the leak cannot be stopped by turning off an appliance, or you are uncertain whether it has been stopped, turn the main gas supply off at the meter and phone the gas emergency service immediately. Call National Grid on 0800 111 999
• Do not turn any electrical switches on or off
• Do not use the door bell
• Do not smoke
• Do not use matches or naked flames

Burst or leaking pipe
• Turn the water off at the mains
• If electrics are affected, turn off the electricity at the consumer unit
• Call Newydd on 0303 040 1998 24 hours a day

Loss of electricity
• If neighbours are also affected, call your electricity company (check your electricity bill for the number)

For emergency repairs, please see our types of repair page.