Tackling anti-social behaviour

How can I make a complaint?

Complaints can be made by going calling our Customer Service Team on 0303 040 1998, by using My Newydd, or by completing an incident diary form and emailing it to asb@newydd.co.uk. We will not disclose your identity to the person you are complaining about unless you give us your permission to do so. If your complaint is noise complaint, we recommend also using The Noise App to supplement your incident diary form.

Complaints can be made anonymously but please bear in mind that this can make it difficult to investigate and take any follow up action required.

What action can Newydd take?

All Newydd’s tenants have a responsibility in their contract that they will not cause a nuisance or annoyance to their neighbours or anyone in the surrounding locality. A tenant is also responsible for the behaviour of any children or pets in their home, as well as any visitors.

Newydd will investigate every reasonable complaint to establish the full facts surrounding the case. Each case will be recorded and allocated to a designated officer within the housing team. Your officer will agree an action plan with you to resolve the nuisance. How your officer will deal with the complaint will depend on what type of anti-social behaviour it is and also the frequency and severity of the behaviour.

Some of the solutions we can offer are:

  • Mediation – bringing neighbours together to resolve their differences.
  • A verbal or written warning.
  • A home visit with the police or other agency to discuss the behaviour.
  • Provide support – working with other agencies to provide support to the perpetrator can often resolve anti-social behaviours.
  • Working with other agencies – sometimes anti-social behaviour might not be caused by a single tenant. There might be gangs of youths or a general fly-tipping problem on an estate. Working with other agencies allows us to develop a number of projects and initiatives to address a wide range of issues.
  • An acceptable behaviour contract which is an agreement between the tenant and the police. These can also be used for children (usually over the age of 10)
  • Action to demote the contract. This takes away some of the tenant’s rights and if they continue to behave anti socially they could face eviction

Civil injunction

A civil power to stop a person’s ASB escalating and set a clear standard of behaviour. It can include prohibitory and positive requirements for perpetrators aged 10 and over.

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