Posted 06.12.2023

Our action plan to tackle racial inequality

Addressing racial inequality is a top priority for us at Newydd. In 2020, we pledged our support to the housing equalities charity Tai Pawb’s ‘Deeds Not Words’ initiative. We committed to taking action to lessen the effects of Covid-19 on Black, Asian, and minority ethnic staff and communities. Our goals also include enhancing the ethnic diversity of our board and staff at all levels, fostering better communication and engagement, and promoting an inclusive culture.

We've created a new plan that combines the vision, purpose, values, and goals outlined in the Welsh Government’s Anti-racist Wales Action Plan (ARWAP) from 2022.

Vision: The plan aims for Wales to become an anti-racist nation by 2030.

Purpose: To collectively make a real impact on the lives of Black, Asian, and minority ethnic people.

Values: Openness and transparency, putting people’s lived experiences at the heart of the work we do, and adopting a rights-based approach.

Our new action plan will also ensure we comply with the revised regulatory standards for housing associations. Ultimately, we aim to help find solutions to end discrimination and address the challenges faced by Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups. We want our tenants to feel safe in their homes and supported in their communities. We want our Black, Asian, and ethnic minority staff, applicants, and partners to have confidence that we are committed to their wellbeing and prosperity.

Our new action plan sets out clear goals under 4 headings:

Representation and leadership

Our goals:

  • We aim to increase the number of ethnic minority individuals in leadership roles and across all levels, striving for a workforce that mirrors the diversity of the communities we serve.
  • Demonstrate visible commitment to anti-racism.
  • Engage and deliver anti-racist services.
  • Embed accountability and measure our progress.


  • Our delivery plans have clear and achievable timelines and actions.
  • Normalising anti-racist thinking and practices.
  • Nurturing an inclusive workplace culture.
  • Creating self-awareness among our workforce and encouraging learning about equality, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Achieving sustained culture and behaviour change.
  • Developing a more diverse workforce.

Standards, provisions & services


Ensure that housing standards, services, and provisions promote race equality, incorporate anti-racism, equality, and human rights, and cater to the diverse needs of ethnic minority individuals.


  • We will strive for a better understanding of issues and have implemented mitigating actions.
  • Ensuring our organisation is committed to embedding anti-racism and equality in all aspects of its operations.
  • We are actively working to remove barriers for ethnic minority individuals and others.

Market rent


  • Ensure market rent housing and services promote equality, embed anti-racism, and address the diverse needs of ethnic minorities.
  • Give ethnic minority individuals a voice in shaping Newydd's housing policies to reflect their diverse needs and priorities.


  • Improved understanding of issues in the market rent, allowing targeted actions.
  • Improvement in the support provided for tenants.
  • Increased support for tenants in accessing and maintaining market rent properties.
  • Greater understanding of impact of racism and hate, and confidence for landlords and agents in tackling racism.
  • Greater advice and support for tenants experiencing racism and hate crime to reduce racism.
  • Improved engagement and communication with ethnic minority tenants, ensuring their voice and needs influence our policies.
  • Robust data for understanding experiences and barriers faced by ethnic minority tenants, facilitating monitoring and evaluation.
  • Support in removing barriers and providing access to suitable housing and services for ethnic minority individuals and tenants.

Culture and heritage


  • To celebrate diversity, cultural heritage, and the right to freedom of cultural expression.


  • Raising awareness of different heritages and cultures.
  • Improved tenant satisfaction as tenants will feel valued and respected.
  • Improved communication.
  • Improved service delivery.

Our progress to date

We have:

  • Achieved Tai Pawb’s QED accreditation for equality and diversity.
  • We have signed a Zero Tolerance pledge.
  • Implemented the Rooney Rule to enhance diversity in recruitment.
  • Use Diverse Cymru for job postings and share vacancies with BAWSO and Tai Pawb.
  • Collaborated with Dynamic Boards to recruit a new Board member.
  • Ensured a gender balance and diversity in recruitment panels, including trained tenant representatives when recruiting customer facing staff.
  • Housed two refugee families referred by local authorities.
  • Conducted a ‘Staff Lived Experiences’ survey and shared the results with staff and tenants.
  • Provided Anti-Racism training for Senior Management, equality and unconscious bias training for staff, and a mandatory EDI training program for all staff.
  • Developed an inclusivity calendar of events for staff.
  • Invited guest speakers to staff briefings on the Rwandan genocide and the power and impact of language.
  • Celebrated Black History Month and Black Leaders Awareness Day.
  • Incorporated Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion as a standard agenda item in team meetings.
  • Provided information regarding EDI at all stages of an employees’ time with Newydd, from job adverts, application and interview procedures, onboarding, and induction.
  • Reviewed our hate crime policy and procedure.
  • Surveyed ethnic minority tenants for feedback on the action plan and services.
  • Disaggregate ethnicity data from our customer satisfaction data to improve customer experiences.
  • Supported an annual Diwali event in Barry.

We will continue to review our policies and procedures and undertake equality impact assessments to ensure that the services we provide are fair and are free from any form of discrimination. We commit to attending training sessions and workshops to further educate ourselves, and to take action to combat racism and racial inequality.

While acknowledging there's more work ahead, we remain dedicated to promoting racial equality and diversity. We will challenge racial unfairness and strive to enhance our services for ethnic minority individuals.

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