Posted 03.06.2024

Newyddion: Your June newsletter

Welcome to Newyddion. Here's a sneak peek into what you'll find inside this newsletter:

  1. Your Views on the Cadwyn Partnership
  2. Help Us Develop a Solar Panel Guide
  3. Child Safety Week
  4. How To Report Potholes
  5. Stop The Block
  6. Join the eCymru Testing Lab
  7. Join TPAS Cymru's Net Zero Workshops
  8. Your voice matters. Senedd Cymru want to hear from you.

Your Views on the Cadwyn Partnership

Back in February we held 3 events to get your views on the proposal for Cadwyn Housing Association to join the Newydd Group. We would like to thank tenants for attending our events in Newtown, Barry and Rhydyfelin and for sharing a range of views.

Some tenants showed concern that we would become too focussed on south Wales. We will not be moving our office from the Newtown area, this office will remain and staff will continue to work in the area.

Other tenants were worried that our rents may change. Our rents are set in line with Welsh Government guidelines. We will continue to follow these guidelines and your landlord will remain as Newydd Housing Association. Homes will not be transferred to Cadwyn Housing Association.

If you have any questions about the potential partnership please email:

Tenant working group for Newydd and Cadwyn tenants.

The Joint Tenant Working Group, made of Cadwyn’s Tenant Scrutiny Group and Newydd’s Tenant Influencers have met twice. The aim of this group is to share progress about the partnership, get tenants’ views and explore ways of how both tenant groups can work together. They will also look at ways for tenants to get involved at Board level and in the Tenant Panel that will sit under the Newydd and Cadwyn Subsidiary Board, should the partnership go ahead.

The meetings have gone well and both groups are keen to work together by meeting on a quarterly basis with the next meeting to take place in August. If you would like to get more involved and help us improve our services please contact:

Help Us Develop a Solar Panel Guide

Do you have solar panels at home?

We’re seeking a small group of tenants who live with solar panels to collaborate with us. Together, we’ll explore current issues or concerns related to solar panels and create a resource to try and address them. 

Whether you want to share your insights or simply learn more, reach out to Scott at or call 07584 501 216

Child Safety Week

Safety. Sorted!

This week we’re supporting the Child Accident Prevention Trust Child Safety Week to help children lead active, healthy lives, safe from serious injury. Child Safety Week is all about sharing the really practical, simple things we can all do to keep children safe.

Download the Child Accident Prevention Trust Parent’s Pack for bite-sized facts and safety tips on the main accident risks to children. For more information, visit the Child Accident Prevention Trust website.

How To Report Potholes

Navigating potholes on your street?

In the newest Tech Tip video, eCymru show you how to report them! Watch their quick guide on using FixMyStreet and let’s get those potholes patched!

It’s simple, quick and will teach you how you can report potholes in your area to your local council.

Don't forget to follow the eCymru Twitter account for weekly 'Tech Tips'! Every Friday, they upload a new tip to help you navigate the digital world.

If there’s a specific topic you’d like them to cover or if you have any questions, just let them know. They’re here to help, and will make sure to include your suggestions in their future videos.

Watch the Video

Visit the eCymru website

Stop The Block

Only Flush the 3 P’s - Pee, Poo and Paper.

Did you know that wet wipes are the biggest cause of blockages and just a single wet wipe is enough to start a blockage in your sewer pipe?

Throw all wipes, sanitary items, cotton buds and nappies away in the bin. This will help prevent blockages in your home.

Don’t pour grease down your sink!

Wipe out your pans and other greasy items with a kitchen towel before washing them. Pour any unused cooking oil that has been allowed to cool into a container to dispose of or recycle if your council allows.

Stop The Block

Join the eCymru Testing Lab

We're excited to announce a unique opportunity for you to join the eCymru Testing Lab. As a valued tenant, your feedback is crucial in helping us improve our platform and the services we offer.

What is the eCymru testing lab?

The eCymru Testing Lab is a community of tenants who are passionate about making a difference. By joining, you'll have the chance to review and provide feedback on various aspects of the eCymru platform.   

Whether it's attending events, accessing courses, or using on-demand sessions, we want to hear your thoughts. Your insights will help us enhance the platform, making it more user-friendly for all tenants.

How to join?

Joining is easy, simply click on the link below to register your interest. Your responses will remain confidential and will be used to improve our platform and services. We welcome feedback in either Welsh or English.

Join TPAS Cymru’s Net Zero Workshops

What is net zero?

Net Zero is the amount of greenhouse gases (such as carbon dioxide) released into the atmosphere and is balanced by the same amount being removed from the atmosphere. This can be done by using renewable energy sources such as using solar energy, electric cars, improving energy efficiency etc.

Dates: Monday, 17th June to Friday, 21st June 2024

Location: Online (via Zoom)

What to expect?

If you are interested in fuel poverty, sustainability, future living, and tenant voice, then you need to attend.

Over 9 sessions will be taking place over the week, you can choose the ones that interest you most without feeling overwhelmed.

These sessions cover topics such as:

  • Wales’ Net Zero Ambitions and the Road Ahead
  • Retrofit Challenges and Solutions
  • Balancing Affordability and Sustainability
  • Decarbonising Our Communities
  • Tenants Network and Roundtable Discussion

Want to get involved?

Contact Tracy James at

TPAS Cymru's Net Zero Week Workshops

Your voice matters. Senedd Cymru want to hear from you!

Your voice matters.

Senedd Cymru want to hear about the impact a lack of social housing is having on people in Wales.

Are you currently on a waiting list? Or have you recently been accommodated in social housing?

If you would like to share your views and experiences as part of this work, please contact Sally Jones, Citizen Engagement Manager at Senedd Cymru at:

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