Posted 12.02.2024

New partnership announced between Newydd and Cadwyn

Cadwyn Housing Association and Newydd Housing Association have announced a proposal to start working together within the same Group.  

At the end of January 2024, both Boards met and agreed to start the process of including Cadwyn as a new member of the Newydd Group.  

If this proposal goes ahead, Cadwyn will continue operating as its own legal entity but will become a subsidiary of Newydd Group, hopefully to take effect by autumn 2024. 

The reasons behind forming the partnership include:  

  • Ensuring we are fit for the future and enhance our relationships with our stakeholders. 
  • Being a part of a larger, stronger Group which protects our business by spreading the risk.  
  • In some cases, our partnership will mirror the changes in the way that some local authorities and services are also working together in partnership e.g. Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan are working together more closely and similarly the Group will cover both areas. 
  • We are committed to retaining our local base.  
  • Tenants’ interests are our top priority. We are taking all necessary steps to consult tenants and leaseholders and address any issues or questions they have.  

David Hayhoe, Interim Chief Executive of Cadwyn Housing Association said, “Moving to become a member of the Newydd Group will increase the financial resilience of both organisations and enhance our ability to carry on providing high quality affordable homes and renewing our current properties, despite the challenging external environment. We must emphasise that the interests of our tenants continue to be our top priority. We have started consulting with tenants to address any issues or questions they may have.”  

Jason Wroe, Chief Executive of Newydd said, “We are really excited about this proposal, both organisations share similar values and are committed to improving services. We want to create an organisation that is fit for the future and by working together, we can share resources, skills and become more efficient. Throughout this process and beyond, we will continue to focus on our tenants at the heart of all that we do.”  

A period of integration will take place where services will be reviewed, we look at how best to utilise both organisations’ services efficiently and cost effectively.    

If you have queries regarding this proposal please email

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