Posted 30.03.2021

Additional smart technology on Newydd Housing Association development to assist elderly resident

Kingfisher Developments (Wales) Ltd funds additional smart technology on Newydd Housing Association development to assist elderly resident to maintain independence, keep safe and involved.

Located in Dyffryn, Vale of Glamorgan, the works on this purpose-built bungalow began in December 2019. With Solcer concept including excellent contextual design using a low carbon approach, Newydd’s Community Regeneration and Development Team built relations with the future resident and their support network to help identify smart technology which could assist in maintaining independence, safety, and involvement within the property.

Proposals were identified to improve areas such as monitoring keys for the property which has become increasingly difficult as care network increases, resident leaving the property unaided, resident remembering short term tasks and internet access within the property to place online food shopping.

Scott Tandy, Newydd Community Regeneration Officer said “The technology identified was as a direct result of the information provided by the tenant and care network. We hope that by complimenting the existing tenant support plan it will enable the tenant to live a more independent life while also providing peace of mind to the tenants network.”

Through Newydd’s Community Benefits Programme, Kingfisher Developments funded and supported the installation within the property of contact sensors, motion detectors, outdoor camera, smart lock, and Alexa Smart Speaker.

Pat Mcgovern, Site Manager from Kingfisher Developments said: “Kingfisher Developments are pleased to support this project that uses assisted technology to benefit the home occupier in many ways.”

It is hoped that the development will be completed in early 2021. Once completed, the resident will receive the continued support through Newydd’s Digital Inclusion programme which aims to reduce barriers and improve digital literacy.  

Mat Holloway, the new resident’s attorney, said “We’ve been grateful for the friendly and co-operative way Newydd have consulted with us during the build to ensure that the new house is suitably adapted for an elderly and vulnerable resident. We’re confident that the new house will provide a comfortable, attractive and above all safe living area for our neighbour, who is excited at the prospect of her new home.”

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