Posted 14.02.2018

It’s time to love where you live

There doesn’t need to be a view of rolling hills or the changing tides of the sea, it could be simply somewhere you know and love.

Hear from the young people from the Hapi Glee Club, who we spoke to about their local area and what it was about it that they loved, wanted to change and also where – if money was no object – they would live in the world. Their answers may surprise you!

So if you could describe where you live, your community, what words would you use? If we truly love where we live, then that can go such a long way as to make it somewhere that embraces everyone – new and old – so that it breaks down walls, stigmas and allows each of us to share what we know about the places we live.

Some of the words that the young people of the Glee Club came up with definitely hit home and are something that we can all take to heart.

·         Heart-warming

·         Joyful

·         Happy

·         Community

If you love where you live, share the love and lets make our communities somewhere truly special. Don't forget, if you're looking to buy a home in the place you live, there are some amazing opportunities with Low Cost Home Ownership, click here for more information. 

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