Posted 01.04.2019

Home Made Podcast

In this pilot episode, Mared, Deiniol, Roz, Scott and Jason discuss all things tech. From our very first gadgets, including Tamagotchi being set free in the ocean, to future tech that allows us to communicate with coma patients. 

So plug in your headphones, open your mind and delve into the wonderful world of communication technology with us at Newydd. 

Featuring in this podcast are:

Mared Edwards - Marketing and communications manager

Illtud Deiniol - Digital media officer

Roz Woolverton - Independent living officer

Scott Tandy - Community engagement officer

Jason Wroe - Housing director

If you'd like to get in touch regarding anything we discussed in this podcast, or have some ideas you'd like us to talk about, please use the contact form below.

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