Posted 26.04.2023

Exploring the impact of our community benefits fund in Barry

Sara Williams, our Digital Media Officer, tells us about her day visiting all the good causes and charities she has visited as part of our community benefits programme. 

Last week, together with Jonathan, our Community Benefits Coordinator, I set out on a journey to explore the impact of our Community Benefits Fund in Barry. With a deep commitment to giving back to our community, we were eager to see first-hand how our contributions have made a real difference to the people and projects we support.

As we embark on sharing our exciting adventure with you, we first want to extend our gratitude to the invaluable support of Cartrefi Ltd, CW Facilities management, and Sterling Construction Ltd to our community benefits fund. These contractors have been developing our three sites which were formerly owned by Brains Pubs and was acquired by us as part of a portfolio of 3 sites. Without their generous support, we would not have been able to help these amazing charities and community projects. 

It is worth noting that these community projects we have been able to support has come from Cartrefi Ltd. We are immensely grateful for their partnership in creating a brighter future for our community.

Stop 1: Woody's Lodge Charity

Our first stop was at Woody's Lodge Charity, where we were greeted by Kim. She gave us a tour of the garden and showed us the new garden tools, picnic table, and walk-in polytunnel that our funding had provided. We were amazed to hear how this project has helped veterans reintegrate with their communities and given them a sense of purpose. Kim went on to describe how the Peace Garden Project aims to create a peaceful outdoor space where veterans and the local community can come together, relax, and grow local produce. It was inspiring to learn that they also donate a percentage of the produce grown to local families who may be in need or isolated.

Stop 2: Belvedere Community Garden

Next, we visited Belvedere Community Garden, where our funding had allowed for further maintenance to transform the garden into a space where locals can come together and enjoy nature. Helen from Castleland Community Centre showed us around the garden and explained how our funding had transformed it into a social hub where locals can connect with each other and enjoy nature. With the summer months approaching, we are sure that the local people of Barry will be making the most of this lovely garden. 

Stop 3: Penmark Village Hall

Our final stop was at Penmark Village Hall, where Niall gave us a tour of the newly revitalised village hall. Our funding had helped with new lighting, hand dryers, and outdoor lights, as well as a restored telephone box. It was impressive to see how under new management, the village hall has been given a new lease of life and is now a thriving hub for the community.

Throughout our journey, we were struck by how our Community Benefits Fund has made a real difference in our local community. It was heart-warming to meet the people who have benefited from our contributions and to see how our support has helped them to create a positive impact in the community. During the past year, we have received 38 applications for our community benefits fund, and we have donated to 29 of these. We look forward to continuing to support amazing charities and community projects throughout 2023. 

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