Posted 10.01.2024

Equality matters: Excellence in championing equality and diversity

We are thrilled to announce that we were awarded the 'Excellence in championing equality and diversity' by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) in the Welsh Housing Awards in November 2023. This award recognised organisations who are leading on the promotion of equality and diversity in their businesses.  

This accomplishment is a testament to our hard-working staff and tenants. Together, they've brought in some important changes that have really made a positive difference for everyone involved. 

Some of the key highlights include: 

  • Introduction of an inclusivity calendar to raise awareness and celebrate protected characteristics. 

  • Installation of ReciteMe software on websites to enhance accessibility. 

  • Undertaking equality impact assessments of strategies to ensure fair and inclusive services. 

  • Strengthening our hate crime policy and adopting a zero-tolerance approach to inappropriate behaviour/language. 

  • Co-production of four charters with tenants, integrating equality considerations. 

  • Improved practices with board recruitment, induction, and training, resulting in the successful recruitment of a board member from an ethnic minority background. 

  • Production of a detailed annual equalities report for the board, analysing key areas of service delivery by protected characteristic. 

  • In-depth analysis of data and complaints to identify trends and ensure fair treatment for all. 

  • Addressing under-representation of people from ethnic minorities by adopting the Rooney Rule. 

  • Ongoing monitoring of tenant profiling data to tailor services effectively to diverse needs. 

  • Development of accessibility guidelines for communication. 

  • Production of two monthly tenant e-newsletters to share service updates and achievements. 

  • Introduction of community pop-ups to increase visibility and provide face-to-face communication opportunities with tenants. 

  • Provision of free SIMS and 1-2-1 digital support for tenants, along with the installation of Smart Speakers in independent living schemes’ communal lounges. 

  • Development of an Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan in collaboration with Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic tenants. 

  • Attainment of Dementia Friends accreditation.

  • Successful completion of TPAS Cymru’s Tenant Engagement Standards Assessment (TESA) ensuring inclusive engagement practices. 

  • Attainment of RNIB Cymru’s Platinum Visibly Better Award at four independent living schemes to improve independence for tenants with sight loss. 

Huge thanks to Tai Pawb for guiding us and supporting our progress through our QED action plan. This award is a testament to the strides we've made since starting our QED journey in 2020.

We're committed to furthering our impact in equality and diversity, and our journey doesn't end here. We're dedicated to improving our practices to ensure fairness in our services, actively contributing to the development of an inclusive community that benefits everyone. As we move forward, we're excited about continuing this journey and achieving even more positive outcomes. 

It was an added bonus to receive the award from our tenant and Lead Influencer Amanda Lawrence, who is also on the Board of TPAS and a member of the QED panel. Big thanks to everyone involved in this achievement.

For more information about our initiatives, please visit Our Charters. 

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