Posted 27.06.2018

Beat the heat with these 7 cool tips

The sun is positively beaming at us this week, and as great as it is to be able to spend some time in the sunshine, there are of course things to bear in mind.

1. Chill out. Getting caught out in the midday sun can be dangerous; it can give you sunburn, which can then lead to serious problems such as skin cancer and blistering. When possible, stay in the shade until the day gets cooler and the day easier to manage. 

2. Cover up. If you must be out in the sun, dress sensibly. As tempting as it is to wear as little as possible, loose fitting cotton clothing, sunglasses and a hat will help protect your skin and regulate your body temperature. Cotton, unlike many fabrics, is breathable and helps wick away sweat, keeping you cool and comfortable. 

3. Drink like a fish. Staying hydrated is important. Dehydration in this heat can lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. If your mouth is dry, your pee is dark yellow, you feel sleepy, feel dizzy or have a headache, you may well be dehydrated. Drink plenty of fluids and don’t exert yourself in the sun. 

4. Wear sun cream. Your skin can absorb UV rays even through clothing on hot days like these; so, remember to cover as much of your skin as possible with sun cream to defend it against harmful rays. 1 in 54 people will be diagnosed with malignant melanoma in their lifetime… being sensible in the sun can help you avoid being a statistic. 

5. Cool house. Close your curtains, blinds and windows during the day to prevent the air in your home from becoming warm; then, if it is safe to do so, open the windows in the evening to encourage cooler air in. It may also be worthwhile purchasing an oscillating fan to improve air circulation, especially in your bedroom before you go to sleep. 

6. Food hygiene. Bacteria grows quickly in hot and humid weather. Keep all fresh food and open bottles of water in the fridge. 

7. Look out for others. Some people may need help keeping cool in the heat, such as young children and the elderly. Make sure they’re drinking plenty of water and aren’t overheating. It is also best not to exercise your pets until it is cooler and don’t leave your pets in cars, even if the windows are open. Dogs can overheat very quickly and die. 

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