Swapping home

Mutual transfer (swapping your home) is an alternative way of finding a new home. You can join Homeswapper and find your own transfer.

HomeSwapper is a service available for tenants who want to house swap or flat swap anywhere in the UK. This is also called mutual transfer. HomeSwapper is the largest mutual transfer service for housing associations and council tenants wanting to swap homes. It’s FREE for Newydd tenants. Find out more at www.HomeSwapper.co.uk or ask your Housing Officer.

If you find another property, you will have to complete the transfer form, the form can be viewed and downloaded here. Return the form to us by emailing it to enquiries@newydd.co.uk

Here are some handy tips from HomeSwapper to improve your chances of a successful swap and some tips on what to look for when swapping:

HomeSwapper: Top 10 Tips

Improving your chances

If you need assistance, we can help you fill in the forms, just get in touch! It is important however that all applications are made in writing, so please print off the forms and them post them to us (or re-scan them and e-mail them to us). Tenants going through the process must have an occupation or a secure contract to be eligible to swap their home. 

All parties applying for mutual exchange must comply with the following:

  • Inspections of both properties involved in the exchange will take place before you move. Any repairs identified at the inspection which are your responsibility must be completed before the transfer can go ahead.
  • You must have a clear rent and recharge/court cost account before permission will be given to allow a transfer.
  • There must be no unresolved housing management issues such as anti-social behaviour or noise nuisance complaints against you.
  • A satisfactory reference is received from the other landlord of the tenant you wish to swap with (if applicable).
  • The property is taken as seen and you will take on any responsibility for any outstanding repairs due to damage.

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