Becoming a Carbon Free organisation

Newydd wants to play its part in addressing the climate emergency and aims to assist the Welsh Government’s plan for Wales to achieve a net zero. One-way Newydd will help the Welsh Government achieve this is by rolling out the Optimised Retrofit Programme (OPR). This programme will reduce carbon emissions across all our homes.

What is the Optimised Retrofit Programme (OPR) and what it means for Newydd tenants?

It is a Welsh government-backed project that is designed to make your home more environmentally friendly.

This project involves over 68 organisations - including 26 social housing providers. It is widely known as the ‘Optimised Retrofit Programme’.

The OPR will ensure homes in Wales are at the lowest achievable carbon footprint. This could mean building fabric improvements and low and zero-carbon technologies to heat your home more efficiently.

Why are Newydd part of this programme?

As well as Newydd becoming a more sustainable run organisation aligning with our 2022 -2027 corporate plan visions and values, we want to reduce our carbon footprint and one way we can achieve this is by making our tenants homes more energy efficient. Also, the Welsh Government aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 95% by 2050.

The OPR approach is to ‘upgrade’ our tenants’ homes. It is an exciting programme that can lead the way of a housing revolution.  There are enormous environmental benefits and could change the way our tenants use energy in your home.

What’s in it for Newydd tenants?

There are a huge number of people in Wales living in fuel poverty and a route cause of high energy bills can be down to poor installation in our homes. To prioritise the decarbonisation of Newydd homes can help us tackle fuel poverty. Newydd want to continue to improve home and living conditions, create better, more comfortable environments for our tenants.

What do Newydd tenants need to do?

Our surveyors and Asset team have completed a Whole Home Survey on 35 of our homes and look to complete Whole Home Surveys on all our homes by 2022.

Newydd eventually will make all its houses more energy efficient – if you would like us to visit you home and see how we can make it more energy efficient please email – our Tenant Liaison Officer

What about access to Newydd tenants’ homes?

Caroline, our Tenant Liaison Officer will give you a call or make a visit to your home and explain the process, what our staff intend to do within your home and the reasons behind any changes that are recommended.

Then our staff will book a day that is convenient with you and your family to complete a Whole Home Survey. A Whole Home Survey is a specialist survey undertaken on your home to establish its current level of energy efficiency. It also tells our surveyors what further changes could be made to improve efficiency.

How long does the survey take?

Our Whole Home Survey will be complete within 3 to 4 hours – tenants can stay in their home while our staff conduct the survey.

Will the survey cause any damage or mess to Newydd tenant homes?

The surveyor will do their very best not to disturb your home and should always leave your home in the same condition they entered it.

What is the surveyor looking for?

They will pay particular attention to windows, doors, the roof space, metering, ventilation, and construction details.

Key Terminology

Intelligent Energy System (IES)

You will hear the words Intelligent Energy System used frequently and we will explain what this means below

What is an Intelligent Energy System?

An Intelligent Energy System (IES) is variety of technologies that allow the many energy efficiency measures within your homes.

What data is the IES collecting?

The data collected by the IES is very similar to Smart Meters but gives a far better idea into your homes’ usage and efficiency. No other data is collected from the IES – it does not store any personal data.

Will I have a IES in my home?

Yes, during our Whole Home Survey when your home is being assess and an appropriate location for your IES will be identified. Normally this will be near electric meters and switch boards etc

There may be several types of the IES boxes, but we can assure you that the one fitted in your home will be no larger than:

40cm tall, 30cm wide, 15cm deep

For perspective, it’s like the size and shape of a shoebox.

Whole Home Survey

A Whole Home Survey is a specialist survey undertaken on a home to understand its current level of energy efficiency. It also looks at what further changes could be undertaken to improve the home’s efficiency.

Pathway to Zero

A Pathway to Zero is the journey we are taking to get our tenants homes to increase its energy efficiency to a point where it becomes zero carbon. It lists the changes that should be undertaken to the home and sets out the specific order they should be completed.

Optimised Retrofit

An Optimised Retrofit Programme (ORP) is a term used for the technologies that will be put in our tenants’ homes to help reduce the carbon emissions via the power, heating and hot water.

Zero Carbon

As you may know, Carbon is a greenhouse gas that is released from our homes, the way we travel, how food is sourced and our industry. All this is contributing to the climate crisis. The Welsh Government has committed to reducing its emissions to zero by the year 2050 by introducing  cleaner energy source.