Homes for rent

Our properties are more than just walls and windows, they are homes, and we make sure that each new home that we build is attractive, spacious, accessible and energy efficient. 

We work in close partnership with other charities, local authorities and the Welsh Government to support people where the housing need is greatest. For us, it is about building safe and sustainable communities where our tenants can live their lives, as well as be proud of where they live. 

Our rent

Rent is set in line with Welsh Government guidance. The amount of rent charged depends on a number of factors including size, location, age and type of property. Some of our properties may have rents higher than the below figures. 

The following table shows the range of typical assured weekly rents that apply from April 2023 to March 2024. 

Newydd’s typical rents per week for 2023/24




One bed flat

£ 82.29

£ 104.98

Two bed flat

£ 95.58

£ 114.15

Two bed house

£ 102.33

£ 133.82

Three bed house

£ 109.82 

£ 142.36

Four bed house

£ 135.87

£ 159.27

Independent living accommodation


£ 82.90

£ 82.90

One bedroom flat

£ 84.73

£ 99.61

Two bedroom flat


£ 104.86