Posted 12.12.2017

Tenants move in to recently completed Newbourne Place in Barry

Monday 11th December may seem like an unremarkable day for most, other than it being exactly two weeks until Christmas. For some, however, it was a day that would change their lives for the better; it was the day that they received their keys to their brand-new homes.

The recently completed development Newbourne Place, located on Woodlands Road in Barry, is constructed on the site of the former adult training centre, and previously a maternity hospital, by contractors Pegasus Development and Greenwich Communities, for Newydd Housing Association in partnership with Vale of Glamorgan Council and the Welsh Government.

One tenant, Ross, was delighted to be able to move into his brand new one bedroom apartment. “This is a big deal for me, in my old flat, I never felt safe since I had been assaulted at my front door. I was frightened in my own home, having to sleep on the sofa to keep away from the windows, and the communal area was a tip.

“This flat is amazing and it has a secure entry system which makes me feel incredibly safe. I’m very excited to be moving in, and finally getting the keys is actually making me quite emotional. Me and my family used to pop around every so often while this place was being constructed to see it go up, and never dreamt I’d actually get a flat here. When I got the letter, it was like winning the lottery, I can finally move in to somewhere where I’ll be safe and comfortable. I’m looking forward to meeting my new neighbours and starting a new chapter in my life.”

Each flat is fitted with a secure entry system, where the occupant of the apartment can utilise a security camera to see and speak with the visitor before allowing (or denying) them entry remotely.

Another tenant moving into her new apartment is Deborah, who suffers from mobility issues and is therefore confined to her wheelchair. “This adapted apartment will give me my independence back following thirty-two years of living in a home where I’d need support just to get out and about. Everything here is accessible for me and even the kitchen units can be adjusted to make things easier for me. Newydd staff have been excellent and efficient about the whole thing and I couldn’t be more grateful. This is going to change my life forever.”

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