Posted 20.11.2017

Newydd Board Membership - Vacancy for tenants

Newydd Board Membership - Vacancy for Newydd Tenants

If you are a Newydd tenant and you'd like to sit on Newydd's Board, please read the information below carefully and use the form at the bottom of this page to apply.

What are the Boards main responsibilities?

The Board is accountable to the share members of Newydd for the running of the organisation. This involves deciding what Newydd is going to do and setting targets for the staff to deliver. The Board monitors progress against these targets and makes important decisions regarding things like building new homes, setting rents and what additional services to provide.

Who sits on the Newydd Board?

Board members come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are local people who are passionate about the provision of affordable accommodation while others may have a professional expertise to offer such as legal, property or banking experience.

Are Board members paid?

Currently Board members are not paid as this is not permitted in Wales. However the Welsh Government is considering whether to allow housing associations to pay Board members if there is a strong argument to do so. Newydd has no plans to introduce payments for Board members. Board members are reimbursed for any expenses within guidelines for things like travel costs.

How often does the Board meet?

The Newydd Board meets six times year and there are also two Awaydays each year. Board membership also brings opportunities to get involved in other Board activities; this may be as a member of the Group Audit & Risk Committee or as a Board Champion taking an interest in a specific area of work. These extra activities will take more of a time commitment.

When do the Board meet?

The Newydd Board currently meets at 6pm on a Wednesday evening. Meetings usually last two hours but if there is a lot to discuss may go on until 9pm. Occasionally there is a pre meeting briefing starting at 5pm to bring Board members up to speed on an important issue or to provide training.

Where do the Board meet?

Most Board meetings are held in our offices in Tongwynlais, Cardiff, just off junction 32 of the M4. The offices have a disabled parking space, a ramped access and lift. Awaydays are sometimes held in other venues around south Wales. 

Is there anything to do in between Board meetings?

Attending Board meetings is only one part of being a Board member. In between meetings it is necessary to keep in touch with what is going on and Newydd provides several updates each month either by email or by posting on the Board intranet (like a private website for Board members). Board members do need to take an active interest in what is going on in the housing sector and there are variety of sources for getting this information on the internet. On occasions it is necessary to make decisions in between meetings and Board members are asked to give their views, again this is usually done by email. Board members also have opportunities to attend functions such as the opening of new housing schemes.

What expectations are placed on Board members?

Newydd is regulated by the Welsh Government and they expect Board members, individually and collectively to take their responsibilities seriously. This is something that Board members also expect of each other. Having a strong and effective Board where everyone contributes is important for making sound decisions that affect people’s homes and lives and is also important for attracting the funding we need to build new homes and delivering new services. The consequences of having a poorly performing or weak Board are very serious.

The Newydd Board has therefore agreed some standards that all Board members must be able to meet. These are:

A demonstrable and genuine interest in and commitment to achieving the vision of the organisation

A demonstrable and genuine commitment to achieving excellent standards of customer care and equality of opportunity

A demonstrable knowledge of the Welsh policy landscape with particular emphasis on housing, social and community issues

Proven ability to work effectively in a team and make decisions collectively

Effective communication skills and proven ability to understand complex information and constructively challenge information

Proven ability to assess information to ensure that it is in accordance with the organisations’ values and risk appetite before reaching a decision

Demonstrable skills and experience in one or more areas required by the Board in order to provide effective governance

Sound understanding of the principles concerning conflicts of interest and confidentiality

Proven ability to use to a good standard information technology including email, use of websites and Word documents

Compliance with the Code of Conduct and any adopted Codes of Governance


A position on the board will soon be vacant, and if you are a Newydd tenant and you're interested or would like more information, please use the contact form below.

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