Posted 02.10.2020

Customer Service Week: Alex’s Blog

Working at home during lockdown has been strange to say the least! I applied for this job back at the start of the year and COVID-19 hit just around the time I was due to be interviewed. I was gutted when I was told the interviews had been cancelled and got online to look for something else. As luck would have it, I was contacted by HR to see whether I would still be interested in the role and if so, would I like to be interviewed via Video Call. The rest I guess is history!

I started with the team on May 14th and it feels like I am already part of the furniture. It has been quite surreal though. I have never actually officially met most of my team as all of it has been over Microsoft Teams. It’s nice having the team on hand to help, but it is still very odd that we can’t have the usual “water cooler” moments and just stop for a chat in the office. As a team though, everyone has been great! I was so used to doing Sunday night quizzes with family and friends over zoom that I suggested this to the team, and we try to get together once or twice a month to laugh and socialise outside of work.

Overall, it has been a challenging way to join a team but everyone has made me feel welcome and I am already the butt of people’s jokes, so I know I have integrated well with the team. Being part of such a close team has been nice and we’re a weird and wonderful bunch so I fit right in. My partner is quite jealous as he said from day 1 that he would love to work for Newydd. And his level of crazy would fit right in!

Lockdown was lush to start! Lovely weather, time to enjoy it and our dog Lexi to keep us amused! Although she wasn’t amused when we bought some bikes to help us keep fit. Lexi was terrified of them at first, until she realised it meant she could run alongside us. She soon mellowed.

Well we’re in a local lockdown now so won’t be able to venture very far afield but we will make our own fun and can guarantee that whatever we do and wherever we go, we will laugh and make more amazing memories. And I’ll get to visit my Nephew again! I’m not going to be a Dad as I am far too selfish, and I like my home to stay tidy! But every time I hold this little gem, he makes me melt! It just feels like he is growing so fast and I am missing it.

Photo caption: Alex and his partner

Photo caption: Alex's dog, Lexi

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