Be Like Bob

What do I need to do to be ready like BOB?

Step 1 – BANK: Open a bank account

To receive your Universal Credit payment you will need to have a bank account that can receive automated payments. This will need to be set up before you start claiming.

Step 2 – ONLINE: Time to get online

All Universal Credit claims are managed online, so you need to know where you can access the internet and you need the skills to go online. If you need help with this, our digital inclusion service might be able to get you started. Click here for more information.


Universal Credit will be paid monthly so if you are used to managing your money weekly or fortnightly you will have to start managing your money across the whole month. The first payment of Universal Credit will be paid to you in arrears. This means you will have to go a whole month without benefits before you get your first payment. Think about how you are going to manage through this period of time. 

If you need help with budgeting, you can find more information here.

Tips from BOB

  • If you’re entitled to help with your rent, this will be included in the monthly payment you receive and you will have to pay the rent to your landlord or housing association yourself
  • You will still need to claim some benefits separately, such as Council Tax reduction or Personal Independence Payments (PIPs). Our financial inclusion team can help you with this
  • Make sure you have the details needed for the Universal Credit application e.g. your tenancy number
  • To be verified, you will need to have photographic ID such as a passport or valid drivers license. Your local job centre will assist you with the verification, this is essential when making your Universal Credit application

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