Planned maintenance and major works

Planned maintenance and major works include renewal, repair and maintenance jobs that we do to your building that we can plan for in advance. This may include work to external brickwork, the roof, communal windows and communal internal decorations. Under the terms of your lease, you must contribute towards the cost of this work as a service charge. However, you pay for it in a different way to your normal yearly service charge.

Newydd will carry out a full consultation with leaseholders where the cost of any qualifying works to any leaseholders is more than £250. Qualifying work is defined as repairs, maintenance, renewal or improvement work.

Under the terms of the lease you must pay your share of the cost of major works. Newydd will seek to offer a range of payment options to assist leaseholders who would otherwise have difficulty in meeting the charges for which they are liable. Eligibility for certain repayment options may depend upon a leaseholder’s circumstances.

Repayment options may include:

  • Access to a second mortgage, where this can be secured against the leaseholder’s property.
  • Repayment by instalments over an agreed time (including the repayment of interest).
  • Where appropriate, placing a second mortgage on the property and deferring payment until the property sold. This option will accrue interest whilst the costs debt remains outstanding.

Welsh Government advice

In 2015, Welsh Ministers asked social landlords and leaseholders to develop guidance on how major works to blocks containing leasehold properties should be managed and these have now been published. These guides have been designed to help social landlords manage the major works process fairly and consistently and to inform leaseholders what major works may involve. Click on the links below to read these guides: 

Major Works: Good practice guide for social landlords 

Major Works: A guide for leaseholders of social landlords