Our commitment to equality

Newydd are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We respect and seek to empower our people by supporting the diverse cultures, perspectives, skills and experiences within our workforce. We believe that the more inclusive we are, the better our work will be.

We ensure that there is no unfair discrimination on the basis of basis of age, disability, race, religion and belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity and marriage and civil partnership or any other relevant characteristics in the provision of housing, services or employment. We welcome and encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds particularly from Black, Asian and minority ethnic people and people with disabilities as they are currently underrepresented in our workplace.

If you apply for a job with us, we will:

  • Recruit and promote you based on your ability and suitability to do the work
  • Provide training and other opportunities to help you develop your skills
  • Make sure you have the necessary equipment to do your job effectively
  • Take prompt and effective action if you face harassment at work
  • Monitor our recruitment practices to ensure that we are not unintentionally disadvantaging certain groups of people and identify ways in which we can promote equality and diversity and inclusion more effectively

We provide a comprehensive equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) awareness programme for all employees and Board members. You will firstly complete a general awareness e-learning course that covers equality legislation and best practice across all strands including gender, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation and religion or belief and our company policies. You will then attend an in-person course where we will explore EDI in greater detail to understand our unconscious biases, learn what microaggressions are and to give you the confidence to recognise and challenge inappropriate language or behaviour and to champion inclusion.

All of our offices are user-friendly and comply with the Equality Act 2010 and have accessible parking bays. Lifts and a hearing loop are available, as well as providing information in large font. We have all gendered toilets on each floor so you can use them without needing to identify as a particular gender. We have a multi-use wellbeing room that can be used for prayer and reflection or for breastfeeding/expressing staff.

We are accredited as a Disability Confident Employer, which is a government run scheme. This means that we are committed to employing people with disabilities. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and we will look at reasonable adjustments to allow you to carry out a job and work for us. We guarantee an interview if you have a disability, as long as you meet the minimum criteria of the job vacancy. 

Where there is an underrepresentation in particular departments or job roles positive action will be taken to ensure a diverse applicant pool. All ethnically diverse applicants who meet the essential criteria of the role will be guaranteed an interview.

We have flexible working and home working for some roles to ensure that you can have a work-life balance and to meet your personal needs. You may have caring responsibilities for children or relatives with disabilities or who are elderly, then you can take advantage of our family friendly policies. 

We are supportive of our staff and their religious beliefs and through our flexible working, we can accommodate prayer time and the celebration of events, holy days and practices such as fasting. You can take holiday or request to change your working hours to allow you time to practice your faith.

Our dress code is flexible and the wearing of faith jewellery or garments is welcomed, as long as it complies with Health and Safety regulations as well as our customer service standards. We are all unique and personal appearance specifically with regard to jewellery, body modification and tattoos worn is considered a matter of personal choice.  We embrace self-expression through personal appearance, unless it conflicts with your ability to perform your job effectively or with your specific work environment, or it is regarded as offensive or harassing towards others.

At social events, we ensure there is always a vegetarian option and soft drinks are provided. Other dietary requirements, such as Halal or vegan, will be provided on request. 

LGBTQ+ staff are reassured that we support same-sex couples and civil partnerships, so all of our benefits and policies are extended to same-sex couples, such as pension rights and family friendly policies.

Flexible retirement options give choice and helps to retain those staff who wish to keep working.  We recognise that having an intergenerational workforce promotes innovation by having different perspectives and sharing critical knowledge and experience can develop new talent.

We are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion within the workplace and ensuring everyone can be their authentic self at work.  Our door is open, everyone is welcome.