Wellbeing: eCymru

We have been working with other Registered Social Landlords and tenants across Wales to create eCymru, a housing portal connecting the Welsh community. 

About eCymru 

Their mission is to create a supportive community that helps tenants live happier and healthier lives, and they achieve this by providing access to a range of engaging events, e-learning courses, and collaboration opportunities. By joining eCymru, you will gain access to a wide range of benefits, including free online courses in arts and crafts, education, fitness, and health. Their engaging events and webinars will keep you connected and informed, and their collaborative activities will give you the opportunity to connect with other tenants across Wales. eCymru has something for everyone. 

Who can join eCymru? 

eCymru is open to all tenants and Registered Social Landlords in Wales. You can join eCymru today and become a part of their supportive community. Visit their website here: www.ecymru.co.uk   

If you require any assistance with using eCymru or accessing the courses, please let us know, and our Digital Inclusion Team will be able to help you.