Health & Wellbeing: GetFit Wales

Get Fit, Bit by Bit - Fitbit Rewards

GetFit Wales aims to increase physical activity levels for those individuals on the project, reduce obesity, and make residents aware of the local services in the area in order to make positive changes to their social outlook and become more involved in community activities.

GetFit.Wales is a platform that rewards people for being active. It works by linking the individual’s profile to their step tracker e.g Fitbit account and allocates points on the amount of steps achieved over the mutually agreed steps per day with the aim of reaching/exceeding the NHS Choices recommended 10,000 steps per day. Please note that for the GetFit.Wales algorithm to award the relevant number of points, the participant will need to sync their Fitbit through the Fitbit app daily.

Points can be earned on the website for a maximum of 12 weeks and can be spent on local health provision and food which encourages a healthy lifestyle.

To encourage spend, each point earnt will be kept in the participants online wallet for a length of 30 days. If not spent within the allotted time, the point(s) will be removed to stop hoarding.

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