Digital Support

We help our tenants and the wider community gain new skills in using computers, tablets and accessing services like online shopping, job searching, accessing your Government Gateway account or online banking. We can also support you to gain computer skills qualifications.

Newydd offers short-term loan of digital equipment including tablets, laptops, and smart speakers to help tenants get online and use the internet effectively and safely. We support our partners to set up and deliver coordinated tablet loan schemes to increase the offering of digital access and equipment to the wider community. 

Newydd also provides an online support project through our ‘Digital Support Google Classroom’ To access the Classroom use joining Code: qp4dgmc. The classroom is used to develop tenant’s confidence and capability around topics including:

  • Understanding your device
  • Social networking
  • How to make a call using What’s App, Facetime, Zoom etc.
  • Digital health
  • Government services e.g. Universal Credit
  • Smart speakers and voice assistants
  • Hobbies and interests

Virtual 1-1 training support is also provided using video conferencing platforms to effectively communicate and walk-through digital queries.

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