Lettings and allocations

Properties were advertised via the Homes4U allocation scheme in the Vale of Glamorgan whereby fortnightly adverts were placed online and all rooms were open for expressions of interest. 

Expressions of interest were initially open to: 

  • Single applicants under 35 
  • Applicants who were willing to attend Tenancy Ready Training 
  • Applicants who were willing to be assessed under Rooms4U criteria 

We found that tenants who engaged with training initiatives, were volunteering or in employment had more sustainable tenancies. Therefore during the second year of the project we extended our criteria to give priority to applicants who were in this cohort. 

Managing risk 

The suitability criteria, matching assessments and tenancy ready workshops were used to identify the most suitable applicant for each property. 
Where we determined that an individual may not be suitable for shared housing, we gave the appropriate advice on alternative options and made referrals to relevant agencies for employment and training support and signposted to services for support around physical and mental health. 

Some examples of where we deemed an applicant unsuitable for shared housing included:

  • Having a poor understanding of the principles of sharing 
  • Having a number of failed tenancies in a shared housing environment 
  • Having a history of violent behavior
  • Displaying a clear discrimination towards applicants with protected characteristics 
  • Where support workers deemed they wouldn’t be suited to a shared environment 


Where there were rooms occupied within a house, applicants would have the opportunity to meet the current tenants before being made a formal offer. This viewing gives all parties the opportunity to discuss the current house rules, talk about their hobbies and generally how they run the household.