Ethical Employment in Supply Chains Statement

Newydd Group consists of several organisations all with the common aim of providing affordable homes and supporting sustainable communities with excellent services to tenants and customers. We own and manage over 3,000 homes across south and mid wales and make a significant contribution to the local economy through our investment in new and existing homes and services.

In November 2017, we adopted the Welsh Government’s Code of Practice for Ethical Employment in Supply Chains and are committed to ensuring that slavery and human trafficking are not taking place in any part of our organisation and its supply chains.

We have appointed our Chief Executive as our Ethical Employment Champion and have developed an action plan to meet the twelve commitments in the Code. The Board reviews our progress and this statement annually.

We have developed an Ethical Employment Policy which sets out how we comply with the principles of the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code:

1. Employment is freely chosen

2. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected

3. Working conditions are safe and hygienic

4. Child labour shall not be used

5. Living wages are paid

6. Working hours are not excessive

7. No discrimination is practised

8. Regular employment is provided

9. No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

In meeting these principles, we take the following actions:


We employ staff directly or where the business needs require through recruitment or employment agencies. Where necessary we will pay agency fees but we endeavour to keep their use and these payments to a minimum. In procuring the use of a recruitment or employment agency we will ensure that their practices are compliant. 

With the exception of work experience and apprenticeships we pay our employees the Living Wage Foundation’s Living Wage. We will also encourage our supply chain to comply and will consider their stance on this when we make procurement decisions.

We respect our employee’s right to join a trade union and do not operate blacklisting and will not tolerate this in our supply chain.


We take a value for money approach to procurement and will consider whether the terms being offered are only being made possible due to unethical employment or business practices. We will review the use of subcontractors, non-standard specifications, payment terms and delivery deadlines when making procurement decisions. Where we feel that the supplier is not complying with the spirit of this policy or is using unfair terms we will not commit to them.

Our direct supply chain is UK based however products and some services may be procured globally. We will carry out appropriate due diligence checks where we believe there is a risk that this policy is being compromised. If these checks confirm a breach of this policy, we will take the necessary action to either rectify the issue or terminate the relationship at the next opportunity.

We are developing a Sustainable Procurement Strategy to assist in the implementation of these actions and to better meet a variety of expectations and requirements in respect of procurement decisions.

Safeguarding and Escalation

We have robust safeguarding processes in place and have trained our staff on their responsibilities and role in reporting potential issues regarding the safeguarding and protection of vulnerable people.

We have a system in place for reporting concerns or breaches and for escalating these issues (particularly in respect of corruption, fraud and safety issues) internally or to external regulatory or statutory agencies. Our escalation processes have been reviewed and we are working to ensure that all staff are aware of their rights and protections in respect of escalation of issues of concern. 

We have a publicly available complaints process for external parties to raise issues of concern.

Jason Wroe

Chief Executive and Ethical Employment Champion