Group Structure

The Cadarn Housing Group was established as Newydd Housing Association in 1974. In 1998, a group structure was formed with the Cadarn Housing Group as the parent company and Newydd Housing Association as a subsidiary.

We are accountable to our share members who have the right to influence important decisions affecting our structure and future as well as the composition of our Boards. The Group is governed by two Boards, Cadarn and Newydd, who meet several times a year to set strategic objectives, monitor performance and scrutinise important decisions. As the parent Cadarn has ultimate control of the Newydd Board and can, if necessary, appoint members to the Newydd Board in order to take control. An Audit Committee made up of Board members from across the Group considers internal control and receives direct reports from an independent internal auditor. The Audit Committee reports directly to the Newydd and Cadarn Boards.

We also have a Community Panel consisting of tenants. The Community Panel focuses on service delivery issues and provides an invaluable sounding board for new ideas. The ideas from these meetings are reported to the Newydd Board.