Corporate plan

Newydd Group Ltd has a shared vision to provide affordable homes and support sustainable communities with excellent services to tenants and customers. Newydd Housing Association (1974) Ltd is a charitable housing association that offers 3,000 affordable homes for rent and sale to people where need is at its greatest in mid and south Wales.

Two other Group members, Newydd Maintenance Ltd and Living Quarters (Lettings & Sales) Wales Ltd provide maintenance and lettings/sales services to the Group.

Newydd Group wants to support our communities to grow in a sustainable, safe environment. In order to do that, the Board has developed this Corporate Plan to drive the organisation forward and ensure that we collaborate to meet needs of our tenants and communities, meeting policy objectives of partners along the way.

The housing crisis continues – Welsh Government is committed to providing 20,000 new low carbon homes by the end of the current government term. Newydd Group aim to contribute tot his strategic aim by delivering 600 low carbon homes over the term of this corporate plan across our principal local authority areas.

The climate crisis continues - Newydd wants to play its part in addressing the climate emergency and aims to assist the Welsh Government through the Optimised Retrofit Programme to reduce carbon emissions across our stock.

The COVID pandemic continues – Newydd wants to support tenants and communities to recover from the effects of the pandemic to live once again in thriving communities with a bright future.

Safety for tenants, the quality of housing stock and our value for money remain high priorities for the Board. Newydd aims to ensure tenants live in safe, affordable, high quality homes, receiving excellent landlord services. 

Having a long-term strategy demonstrates that we appreciate the scale of the challenges we ace, from retrofitting over three thousand homes to become zero-carbon and meeting higher building safety standards, to exploring new ways of raising the significant funding needed to continue to build more of the right homes, in the right places.

This corporate plan sets out that journey for the next 5 years but lays the foundations for a much longer journey for the next 30, maybe 50 years and ensures Newydd Group are on track to continue to support our communities to grow in a sustainable, safe environment.

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