Digital support

In this section, you will find how we can help you gain new skills in using computers, tablets and accessing services like online shopping, job searching, accessing your Government Gateway account or online banking.

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Cost of living increase

In this section, you will find several grants that are available to you or your family members that will help you through this time.

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Manage my home

Our properties are more than just walls and windows, they are homes, and we make sure that each new home that we build is attractive, spacious, accessible and energy efficient.

Paying rent and service charge

You can make payments directly to your rent account online or by phone by creating a My Newydd account. Alternatively you can pay by Direct Debit, Post Office, Paypoint or through your bank or building society.

Find your next home

As a housing association, we offer homes to people in need and, most suited to that particular property.

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