Our lettings standard

At Newydd we aim to make moving into your new home as simple as possible. When you move into your home it will be safe and secure and some work may have been completed on your home. Detailed below is the standard that you should expect when you move in. Some other works may be carried out after you have moved in. These will be detailed in your handover pack. You will be told about this when you view your new home.


·         The property and garden will be clear of rubbish.

·         Any asbestos will have been checked and information provided.

·         Any fire alarms and door entry system will have been checked.

Floor and Stairs

·         These will be safe and in good condition so that floor coverings can be laid.

·         Kitchens, bathrooms and toilets will have floor coverings that are in good condition and that match. 

Doors and Windows

·         All external doors will be secure and weather tight.

·         Three sets of door keys will be available.

·         All windows will be secure and will open and close easily.

·         All rooms will have internal doors.


·         Where possible all electrics will have been checked and will be working safely.  Where this is not possible the new tenant will be advised to contact the maintenance department as soon as there is electric available.

·         There will be a minimum of one socket in the hallway, two double sockets in the lounge, one double socket in dining room, one double socket in bedrooms and three double sockets in a kitchen (if feasible).

·         The kitchen will have a socket for a fridge and a washing machine, and an electric cooker point or a gas cooker connection point.

·         The consumer board will have a secure cover, a full set of fuses and each circuit will be labelled.


·         Where possible all gas installations will be checked and a landlord’s gas safety certificate will be issued.  Where this is not possible the new tenant will be advised to contact the maintenance department as soon as there is gas available.


·         The property will have heating to the whole house.

·         Hot water will be provided from the heating system.

·         Appropriate levels of ventilation and insulation will be provided to ensure that heat is well distributed within rooms. 


·         All plumbing will be watertight.

·         All sinks and baths will have plugs and chains.

·         The stopcock from the incoming water main will be clearly labelled.

·         All sanitary equipment will be clean and in good working order free from lime-scale build up.

·         There will be a minimum of three courses of 150mm white tiles around the bath and as a splash back to sinks.

·         If there is a shower, tiling will be to the ceiling around the bath. 


·         There will be minimum of three storage cupboards so that food storage can be kept separate from cleaning materials.

·         There will be a minimum of three courses of white tiles as a splash back to the worktops.

·         If the kitchen is in need of replacement this will be carried out during occupation so that you can have a say in the look and design of your kitchen. 


·         Internal decoration is the tenant’s responsibility. Decoration vouchers may be issued to assist in redecorating your new home at Newydd’s discretion.

·         Where incoming tenants are deemed to be physically unable to use a decoration voucher, at the discretion of the Association, we may complete decoration on behalf of the new tenant.

·         Wall and ceiling plaster will be in good condition. 


·         Any garages or sheds will have doors that are secure and operational.

·         Grassed areas of gardens will be strimmed and left ready for you to maintain