Your housing team

We have a dedicated team of housing staff who work to support you throughout your tenancy.

What does my Housing Officer do?

Our Housing Officers deal with all sorts of situations, working closely with tenants and other agencies that can provide specialist services and support. If you would like to get in touch with your Housing Officer you can contact us.

Each Housing Officer looks after around 850 homes within a specific area. They are here to support you throughout your tenancy by:

  • Supporting the development of your community, and helping you to find out more about getting involved.
  • Working to make sure that your estate and neighbourhood is clean and tidy, and carrying out regular estate walkabouts in your area.
  • Helping to plan improvements to the environment around you, with our partners and other tenants.
  • Dealing with any issues of neighbourhood nuisance or anti-social behaviour that you may experience.
  • Offering you help with any tenancy issues such as changes to your circumstances or queries about moving home or your Tenancy Agreement.

What does the rent team do? The rent team will:

  • Help you with any queries on your rent account, offering guidance about how you can get money advice if you are struggling to pay your rent or are in arrears.

What does our Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) Coordinator do?

  • Our ASB coordinator provides support to the housing officers and manages our legal action processes.
  • Support you if you experience or know of someone who is experiencing any form of abuse and harassment, including hate crimes and racist incidents, or domestic abuse in your area.
  • Develops key partnerships with the police and other agencies to help tackle ASB. If there is anything that our Housing Officers are unable to help you with, they will be able to put you in touch with someone who can and refer you to other agencies. You can also browse our useful contacts and links section for information about a range of other agencies that may be able to help you.

Our Housing Officers are:

  • Robert Pughsley
  • Robert Kidd
  • Sarah Davies
  • Catherine Perry

Our rent team consists of:

  • Ben Woods
  • Joanna Parks
  • Debra Roberts
  • Clare Radford

Our Anti Social Behaviour Coordinator is Hayley Nunns.

If you do not know who your Housing Officer is please contact us by calling 0303 040 1998, email or text 07539 115115.

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