Report a repair

How to report an emergency repair out of office hours

Newydd’s office is open Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.00pm. Outside of these hours we will only respond to emergency repairs. A list of typical emergency repairs is in the Repair Handbook to give you guidance.

To report an emergency repair out of office hours, you should ring us on 0303 040 1998 in the usual way, then follow the instructions given and your call will be directed straight to one of our out of hours contractors. You should not report an emergency repair using Newydd’s website.

Our aim in dealing with emergency repairs out of hours is to ensure the repair is made safe in the first instance. In some cases a full repair will be possible and will be completed at the first visit, but it may be that our contractors will have to make the repair safe and then return to complete the repair in normal working hours.

You should be aware that if false information is deliberately given to our contractors and it turns out that the repair is not found to be an emergency, you will be charged for the ‘call out’ and possibly the cost of the repair.