Posted 12.09.2017


Diversity on our Boards and in our staff team is important. Having people with a range of skills and experience means we make better decisions and benefit from different points of view. In 2015 we signed up to the Chartered Institute of Housing’s Leading Diversity by 2020 initiative. We set targets for increasing the diversity of Board members as well as publish information on our Board and staff teams.

We set a target that at least 40% of Board members would be women.

In 2015 38% of Board members were women.
In 2017 47% of Board members are women.

We also wanted younger people to join our Boards

In 2015 12% of Board members were under 35 and 44% were over 55.
In 2017 12% of Board members are under 35 and 24% are over 55.

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