Posted 12.09.2017

Have we met the Welsh Government’s performance standards?

The Welsh Government is responsible for ensuring that housing associations in Wales operate to high standards and publish a regulatory judgement giving their opinion on how we are performing.

As part of this process housing association Boards must review how they meet the ten performance standards set out in the Welsh Government’s Regulatory Framework.

Our Boards concluded that we have the evidence to confidently state that we meet nine of the ten standards. The standard that we did not currently meet was:

Clearly evidenced self-evaluation and statement of compliance

When we carried out our self-evaluation the performance standards had not yet been published and we wanted to spend more time talking to staff and tenants about their views on how we meet the standards. So in May 2017 we held an In Focus day and spoke to tenants about the new standards and they identified four standards that they felt were high priority:

Effective Board and executive management with a clear and ambitious vision for the Registered Social Landlord.

Tenants told us they want:

•    Effective communication and transparency
•    The Board to have the right skills and tenant representation
•    Evidence that what tenants want is being delivered
•    Information on trends and comparison in a visual format
•    An Annual General Meeting that is tenant friendly

Effective and appropriate tenant involvement and high quality and improving services

Tenants told us they want:

•         Tenant involvement to remain a core value
•         Tenant input to key decisions
•         Tenants on the Board
•         Participation in recruitment and policy reviews
•         Continuing role in scrutiny and an opportunity to shape service improvements
•         Tenant feedback and equality impact assessments to be used

Delivering value for money in all areas of the business

Tenants told us they want:

•         Services to be based on what tenants want
•         Information on how Newydd compares with others (e.g. costs)
•         The Tenant Scrutiny Group to look at good practice and case studies
•         Community initiatives to be assessed for social value
•         Value for money to be driven not just by cost but by added value

A clear understanding of liabilities and asset performance

Tenants told us they want:

•         Access to information about contractor performance and service improvements
•         Consultation on service charges and planned programme
•         Information on stock condition and tenant feedback
•         Repairs done increasingly by appointment and right first time

The Welsh Government published our regulatory judgement on 30 June 2017 and we are delighted that they gave us a clean bill of health:

 Newydd Housing Association’s Co-Regulation status, June 2017

Governance and Services: Standard
•         Identifies and manages new and emerging risks appropriately

Financial viability: Standard
•         Meets viability requirements and has the financial capacity to deal with scenarios appropriately

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