Coping with debt

How to get support if you fall behind with paying your rent

At Newydd we understand that you may experience problems paying your rent. If you do, you will need to contact us as soon as you can. If you fall behind on your rent, your account goes into ‘arrears’. First of all, we will keep you informed about how much you owe us. We will then look for ways that you can pay your rent and clear debt.

In arrears

While you are in arrears, we will give you free and practical advice. We’ll also point you to organisations that help people that are having problems paying their bills. If your arrears increase, we will serve a ‘Notice’. This is a legal document letting you know that we may take legal action to recover the debt.

Paying your debt

We will try to come to an arrangement with you to pay off your debt. It is important that you tell us about your situation every time you contact the rent team to keep to the arrangement you have agreed with us. If we cannot come to an arrangement, your home could be at risk.

What steps do we take to recover rent arrears?

Step 1: Contact stage

We will try to contact you by letter, phone or visit you at your home to discuss your arrears.

Step 2: Legal stage

We will serve you with a notice of seeking possession. This says that four weeks from the given date we can ask the court to look at your case and decide what should happen next. This notice is valid for 12 months.

Step 3: Court action

If you have failed to respond to the previous stage then we will apply to the country court for a hearing. A judge will then decide how you should repay your arrears or, in the last resort, whether you should lose your home.

What happens if I ignore the problem?

Ignoring the problem will not make it go away. It will result in letters, phone calls and visits from our rent team or your housing officer who will attempt to make an arrangement with you.

If you continue to fail to contact us, we will be unable to help you and will have no choice but to take further action.

Eviction is always a last resort but sadly a small number of families are evicted each year as a result of rent arrears. It is important not to ignore any contact from us regarding your rent account.

Helpline numbers

  • Money Saviour 07969 164283: Independent specialist money, debt and welfare benefits advice,
  • Step Change 0800 138 1111: Free telephone advice service including mobiles
  • National Debt Line 0800 808 4000: Free independent money advice
  • Shelter Cymru 0845 075 5005: 24 hour helpline for housing and benefits
  • Citizens Advice Bureau 08444 772 020: Free advice on legal, money and other problems

You can contact the rent team on 02920 005489 or email or contact our Financial Inclusion Officer, Nicola Eynon, on 02920 005 495 /

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