Jonathan's day

Name: Jonathan Abraham

Job Title: IT Manager (Maternity Cover)

Start Date: 15 August 2016

What does a typical day look like for you?

There isn’t a typical day! It can be a variety of things across different disciplines; one day I will be working on the budget and negotiating with third parties and another day I can be rolling my sleeves up and prepping new iPhones for staff. The great variety of work makes the day enjoyable.

In you time at Newydd so far, what have been the highlights?

The highlight for me has also been the hardest part and this was creating the budget for next year. I had completed this in a previous role but not to this extent. It was difficult gaining all the information, but it was an ideal learning exercise and I now have a clearer picture of my responsibilities.

When a job is advertised at Newydd, do you tell other people about the opportunity?

I would encourage them to apply. People are very helpful and friendly and this is one of the best jobs I’ve had for a long time because of the variety. Some roles in IT can be very broad but in the same discipline. Newydd is somewhere you can learn things as well as use your experience, you are encouraged to make changes.

How do you feel when you come to work each morning?

I am happy to come to work. I’m not a workaholic but I like to be busy and I look forward to it, it’s so different to other jobs I have done before. I enjoy coming here and when I finish the day I feel I have achieved something.

When you talk about Newydd to friends and family, how do you describe the company?

It’s great! The flexi time, the people, the work environment and even the office is easy to get to.

Compare your time working at Newydd with your career history, what is it like working at Newydd in comparison to other places?

I’m a lot happier and my family would say this too. Work is a big part of your life and I was apprehensive before coming here, I hadn’t worked for a housing association before. When I leave at the end of this maternity cover the experience will help me gain further positions however I would also like to think that I will have left my mark.

Can you tell us how you see Newydd as an organisation?

Forward looking, certainly from an IT point of view, we are encouraged to attend training and go to networks and seminars.

What would you tell people about working in the housing sector?

I would recommend the sector to everyone. Before I started at Newydd I thought it was just landlords and I didn’t know about all the other work that goes on such as the community regeneration projects.

Where do you see your future with Newydd or within the sector?

I am keen to stay in the sector, I’ve enjoyed it far more than I expected to, there have been challenges but nothing I couldn’t deal with. My role is temporary maternity cover right now but I would definitely like to work for an organisation of this size rather than go back to a global company. I like the variety of work, it is a fast moving and agile environment. I would hopefully find a similar role in the sector but I would also feel equipped to do this role in any other industry. I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in work for a long time.