Eleanor & Mirain's day

Names: Eleanor Sawyer & Mirain Davies

Job Title: Customer Solutions Officer

What’s your Newydd journey been so far?

Mirain – I started here in February 2016 and the role has changed since I started; we’ve had a lot of changes in the department and it is a lot busier than when I first started. The role is more varied and you need to be willing to want to learn new things

Eleanor - I started in May 2015 and I am just completing my Level 3 qualification in Housing and my journey so far has been good. It can be hard to actually progress as there are not many opportunities and sometimes it can be a bit discouraging when the vacancies go externally but Newydd will give you training if you want it, and they will support you to progress with your training. The role is constantly changing, it is never stagnant and you have to retain old information and also gain new info

What does a typical day look like?

Eleanor - We have a rota that includes being on the phones, invoicing, emails, admin, etc. You can be on the phones each day and they will be completely different days

Mirain – We are on the phone every day for half a day and then we do something different for the other half of the day. I enjoy the variation

Eleanor - We need the change. It’s nice to have a day of one thing but not to spend all day on the phones. The job can be quite stressful at times; the queries are so random, even now I still get some queries that I have never heard of and sometimes help isn’t available and you have to keep tenants waiting which isn’t great. You do have to be a fountain of knowledge

What are your highlights during your time with Newydd?

Eleanor - Being part of a good team. I’ve come from a background of running kennels on my own but now I am part of a proper team. Everyone is lovely and it’s nice to feel like a part of something. When you go the extra mile and the tenants appreciate it; I think to myself ‘I did a good job’

Mirain – When you can do something for a tenant and they genuinely appreciate what you’ve done for them, that is great. It might be something as simple as raising an emergency repair and how quick the job is done that gets the thanks

How do you feel in the morning on your way to work?

Mirain – I look forward to it. We have a good laugh and although sometimes it is stressful, mainly its great

Eleanor - It’s because of the team. On a Monday I don’t mind it because I am looking forward to seeing everyone

What has happened when you have had a good day?

Eleanor - When there have been no major issues. Sometimes you have a full day of bad calls and you can’t help the tenants; that is a bad day. A good day is answering all the queries and nobody is left waiting

Mirain – When I am on top of my admin tasks I feel like I have accomplished a lot

How do you compare working at Newydd to working at other places?

Mirain – The staff benefits are better, especially the flexi. I’ve never had this. Working in a bigger team is great and I like that you get to speak to other staff too; there is no one you wouldn’t want to start a conversation with

When you talk to others about Newydd how do you describe it.

Mirain – I would say Newydd is driven and always trying to find new ways to do stuff, and I like the socials too

Eleanor - Newydd is driven, progressive, very tenant focussed and a fun place to work

How do you feel as a person now in comparison to before you joined Newydd?

Mirain – I have more confidence. You are talking to people all the time. I wasn’t afraid to talk to people but now you know how to speak to people. I’ve also made friends here, not just colleagues

Eleanor - Yes, I have learnt to be more assertive and I am more social now. I came from a small team and now you see the team more than your family and we do stuff outside of work together too which is great. A few of us are doing the Cardiff Half Marathon soon

How do you feel at the end of the day?

Eleanor - Sometimes I got lots done and other days I have lots outstanding and it can feel like you are sinking but it always depends on the day. If you are stuck on one item, there is pressure but we all work together to get the work done

What would you say to someone who is considering applying for a job with Newydd?

Mirain – If I know someone who would be good at the job I would tell them about it

Eleanor - I have told people who I know are looking. It is a nice place to be; no matter the stressful days the rewards are there

How do you see your future at Newydd?

Eleanor - I don’t know. It may be quite limited. I have done 2yrs in customer services now and feel like I have learned about everything. Now I’m ready to try something new but right now there are no opportunities within Newydd. Ideally I would like to stay within housing and if something came up here then that would be great. You don’t realise how much you’ve learnt. I have gained so much knowledge in a short space of time. The Customer Services Team is a great team to be part of to kick start your career in housing; you get to learn about housing, development, maintenance. You’re not just picking up the phone, it is so varied

Mirain – I enjoy it and I am happy here. Longer term I want to join the police but even the skills I have gained here are very beneficial for me. I am happy where I am for now. Our team have a lot of knowledge in a lot of areas. The role is challenging and you have to be calm. When I started I didn’t know anything about housing or maintenance and I have learnt so much in my time here